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I’m Lindsey. I like traveling, dogs, coffee and watching 90s sitcoms on Netflix.

I recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee from New York City. After seven years of working as a graphic designer in the Big Apple, I decided I was ready for a change of scenery. I asked my job if I could start working remotely (they, amazingly, agreed) and in September I packed up my little corner of NYC in Astoria, Queens and my 9-year-old dachshund mix, Denali, to move down to the Volunteer State (still no idea what that means).

I was born in West Texas and have lived in New Orleans, Scotland, Houston, Austin, Rhode Island, New York and now Tennessee. It was moving to Scotland when I was five for my dad’s job that I discovered my love of travel since other countries and cultures became so easily accessible, and I’ve now been to over 30 countries on five continents. This past year, I visited Mexico, Spain and Portugal for the first time and also I returned back to Scotland for the first time since moving back to the US in 2000.

One of my main reasons for moving out of New York City was to try and build a life more centered around travel. This blog started as mostly as a place for me to share my photos and stories from around the globe, but I also want to start sharing my journey from corporate desk job to working remotely to wherever I might end up in the future.

For now, having left the subway commute behind, I’m looking forward to having more time to spend on my photography, graphic design projects outside of work and, of course, traveling more.

About Me

About Me

I'm Lindsey

I recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee after living in New York City for seven years. Spending six years in Scotland as a kid sparked a love of travel in me, and I have now been to 32 countries on five continents. When I'm not traveling, I work as a freelance graphic designer and hang out with my dachshund mix, Denali.



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